Dimplex 7-Day Programmable Thermostat 4000W - DWT431W-P

Product Description

To provide precise, consistent and economical heating, this thermostat has an adjustable heat cycle rate. The cycle rate determines the on/off time cycles that the thermostat uses to reach and maintain the desired temperature.

Certain cycle rates are more efficient when used with certain types of electric heating systems. Selecting the correct cycle rates help maintain an even temperature, which has proven to reduce energy usage to reduce energy usage while improving comfort.


  • CSA C828 Performance Certified?á
  • 7 day programming with 4 settings per day
  • ?áHigh Power up to 4000W
  • ?áIdeal for baseboard heaters, convectors, radiant ceilings and electric fan-forced heating systems?á
  • Temperature setting and display in ??C or ??F?á
  • Precise temperature control set in half degrees?á
  • TRIAC system (quiet operation)?á
  • Cycle rates for proportional heating
  • Usage Monitor (tracks total run time)?á
  • Maximum temperature limit set point feature
  • Pre-comfort recovery system (begins to warm up before preset time)
  • Room Temperature and Set Point Temperature display?á
  • Heating Power Level display
  • Clock display in 12 or 24-hour format?á
  • Backlit LCD screen?á
  • Internal Rechargeable backup for clock and settings?á
  • Built-in surge protection?á
  • Setting range: +5??C to +35??C (41??F to 95??F)?á
  • Simple 2-wire installation

Dimensions:?á5.11ÔÇ? W x 5.11ÔÇ? H x 1.4ÔÇ? D


Thermostat Controller Details



Temperature Range:0??C - 30??C, 32??F - 86??F

Rating:Battery controlled (CR2032 - 3V)


Compatibility:?áCONNEX?« Compatible

Warranty:?á1-Year Limited