Dimplex Connex Proportional Linear Convector, 35", 1250/938W, 240/208V, White - PC3512W31

Product Description

Revolutionary heater with a built-in electronic thermostat for performance and reduced energy

Baseboard Features

  • ?áCompact size is up to 42% smaller in length than conventional baseboards
  • Up to 40% faster heat discharge, quickly spreads warmth throughout entire room
  • Consumes up to 33% less energy than conventional baseboards and thermostats
  • Built-in electronic thermostat accurately controls heat output, providing stable and consistent room temperatures
    to within 0.5??C (0.9??F) of desired set point
  • Built-in CONNEX?« receiver allows wireless temperature control with optional wall-mounted CONNEX controller
  • Discreet styling, reduced length and added versatility of placement provide more options when designing a room
  • Shark-fin heating element blade design improves heat transfer, provides quiet operation and extends product life

Dimensions:?áH 6?á5Ôüä8?áin x?áH 35 in x D 2?á3Ôüä8?áin

Baseboard Details






Construction:?áRobust, 22 gauge steel construction

Heating Element:Element is totally enclosed, providing superior life expectancy and resistance to rust


Applications:?áAll Residential Applications, Commercial Offices, Lobbies

Warranty:?á´??10-year element warranty, 1-year warranty on complete unit