Dimplex Line Voltage Thermostat White - TD322W

Product Description

TD provide basic temperature control for any type of fan or convection heater. The double pole (TD) includes a mechanical OFF setting. With a clean design, excellent cross ventilation for control accuracy, and dial inserts for both Celsius
and Fahrenheit, the TD thermostats offer outstanding features and value.


  • For use with all electric heaters
  • Designed for superior ventilation across bimetal for optimum accuracy
  • Includes large, easy-to-read control dials in both ??F and ??C
  • Single pole maintains minimum 5??C / 41??F temperature frost protection
  • Double pole provides positive off position

Thermostat Controller Details


Inductive: 1/3HP/240V

Non-Inductive: 5000W/277V Max.

Warranty: 1 Years Limited